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Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for the support. Together we have shared a valuable time in our lives. Together we have talked about a better future for our country – for our...

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AlaHA endorses DeMarco

AlaHA endorses DeMarco

The AlaHA represents 115 Alabama hospitals

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New Ad: Protecting Taxpayers

New Ad: Protecting Taxpayers

I’m the only candidate who’s never been in favor of raising your taxes, under any circumstances.

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DeMarco is the Man for the Job

DeMarco is the Man for the Job

These legislators all support Paul

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Television Ad: NRA

Television Ad: NRA

Entitled NRA, here’s one of Paul’s television spots.

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DeMarco lands NRA endorsement

DeMarco lands NRA endorsement

NRA-PVF Endorses Paul DeMarco

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“Paul DeMarco has been a committed Republican fighting for conservative values for many years.” – Charlotte Tanner, Trussville

2006 recipient of the “Alabama Land Trust Government Partner of the Year” – Alabama Land Trust (source)

“Paul DeMarco cares about rural communities.” – Cleveland Mayor Jerry Jones

“The Alabama Legislature has balanced its budget and I believe Paul will work to accomplish that on the federal level, which is necessary to save this country.” – Shelby County DA Robbie Owens

“Paul DeMarco is interested in doing what’s right for his district and will not only voice the opinions of his constituents, but will take action on their behalf. Paul is not afraid to take on difficult issues.” – Chip Watts, Birmingham businessman and President of Watts Realty

“We believe that Paul DeMarco has the best track record of understanding the issues faced by the restaurant and hospitality industry.” - The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance

“We believe you will agree he has the right ideas to improve our nation’s healthcare system once Obamacare is repealed.” – E. Lyle Cain, Jr., MD and Jeffrey R. Dugas, M.D., orthopedic surgeons from Andrews Sports Medicine

“Paul DeMarco possesses valuable experience and the leadership needed in Congress… …I have known Paul for many years and he will be instrumental in the effort to get this country back on the right track.” – Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women PAC (source)

“[Paul] has demonstrated unwavering leadership and loyalty to not only the men and women of law enforcement… …but also to the residents of Shelby County.” – Shelby Co. Fraternal Order of Police resolution

“I have observed Paul’s conservative work ethic in the Alabama House of Representatives. He will fight to represent our rights and values in Congress.” - State Representative April Weaver

“I support Paul DeMarco because of his dedication to military families.” – military casualty support organizer Marynell Winslow

“I support Paul DeMarco for his commitment to the people of northern Jefferson County.” – fire district board president Dwight Sloan, Mount Olive

“When many candidates promise lofty results, Paul DeMarco is different. Paul has actually governed and knows what can be done, needs to be done and how to get it accomplished.” – Shelby County Commission President Lindsey Allison

“We are confident these candidates are the best choices…” – Alabama Retail Association President Rick Brown when endorsing Alabama candidates.

“An outspoken leader in the fight to protect innocent human life in Alabama.” – National Right to Life Committee

“Rep. DeMarco was also especially on point with regard to financial crimes against our retirees and senior citizens who are particularly targeted by scamsters and con artists.” – Alabama Securities Commission Director Joe Borg (source)

“Rep. DeMarco has been a leader and an advocate for manufacturing since being elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 2005.” –  George Clark, President, Manufacture Alabama (source)

“Rep. Paul DeMarco will defeat all comers to take the District 6 Congressional seat of retiring Rep. Spencer Bachus.” – John Archibald, The Birmingham News (source)

“Good government starts with the people. Paul DeMarco is of the people.” - Dr. Swaid Swaid, neurosurgeon and Vestavia Hills resident

“We support Paul DeMarco because he is honest and trying to make things better for the people.”  - Bill and Myrnie Driskill, Homewood. Bill is a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. Myrnie is retired from UAB.

“Paul DeMarco’s commitment to public service has been good for the people of Hoover.” – Mayor Gary Ivey

“He is one of our kind of folks. While Bibb represents only a fraction of the voters in this district Paul promised me he would visit regularly and be available at any time.” – Jim Oakley, former publisher of The Centreville Press (source)

“Paul DeMarco’s record shows his dedication to honest, transparent, reform-minded government. We need his conservative leadership in Congress.” – Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls

“Paul DeMarco will  fight to reduce the deficit.” – Eddie Seal, Trussville

“Rep. DeMarco has a proven record of defending taxpayers and holding government accountable for spending.”  –  Jimmy Parnell of ALFA Farmers (source)

“The police chiefs of Jefferson County have worked closely with Rep. DeMarco concerning law enforcement and public safety issues. Paul shares our dedication to public safety.” – from the Jefferson County Police Chiefs Association endorsement of Paul DeMarco

“It is time to go back to our tea party foundations, keep Constitutional law, return States Rights 10th Amendment, and stop big brother Obama NSA spying.” – from Alabama Tea Party Express endorsement of Paul DeMarco

Paul DeMarco has been the “most energetic and the most effective – and the key word here is ‘effective’” state legislator. – State Representative Jim Carns

“Please join us in supporting Representative Paul DeMarco and please cast your vote for him as Congressman for the Great State of Alabama.” - David Crews, President
Birmingham F.O.P. #1 (source)

“Paul will provide the conservative leadership in Congress that we can trust. Paul shares the same values of limited government and real solutions.” - State Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster (District 14)

  • Charlotte Tanner
  • Alabama Land Trust
  • Jerry Jones
  • Robby Owens
  • Chip Watts
  • Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Concerned Women Endorsement
  • Shelby County FOP
  • April Weaver
  • Marynell Winslow
  • Dwight Sloan
  • Lindsey Allison
  • ARA
  • NRTL
  • Alabama Securities Commission
  • Manufacture Alabama
  • John Archibald
  • Swaid
  • Driskill
  • Gary Ivey
  • Jim  Oakley
  • Brandon Falls
  • Eddie Seal
  • ALFA
  • Jefferson County Police Chiefs Association
  • Alabama Tea Party Express
  • Jim Carns
  • BFOP
  • Cam Ward