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Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for the support. Together we have shared a valuable time in our lives. Together we have talked about a better future for our country – for our...

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AlaHA endorses DeMarco

AlaHA endorses DeMarco

The AlaHA represents 115 Alabama hospitals

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New Ad: Protecting Taxpayers

New Ad: Protecting Taxpayers

I’m the only candidate who’s never been in favor of raising your taxes, under any circumstances.

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DeMarco is the Man for the Job

DeMarco is the Man for the Job

These legislators all support Paul

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Television Ad: NRA

Television Ad: NRA

Entitled NRA, here’s one of Paul’s television spots.

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DeMarco lands NRA endorsement

DeMarco lands NRA endorsement

NRA-PVF Endorses Paul DeMarco

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“I support Paul DeMarco because he is honest and serves us well as a public servant.” - Benna Jean Dowdie, Paul’s kindergarten teacher

“Alabama Conservative Candidate Endorsements” from Conservative Christians of Alabama Candidate Guide for July 15 2014: “Paul DeMarco – Congress 6th District”

“Paul DeMarco will fight to protect our rights and values.” – State Representative David Standridge

“Rep. DeMarco understands the issues that are most important to young conservatives… …We appreciate his willingness to fight for us in Montgomery and we’re proud to name him Elected Official of the Year for 2013.” – Greater Birmingham Young Republican President Jackie Curtiss (source)

“Paul DeMarco has been a committed Republican fighting for conservative values for many years.” – Charlotte Tanner, Trussville

“I have never met an individual more qualified to be our congressman.” – former Warrior Mayor Rena Hudson

“His commitment to public service tells me he will serve honorably and stand by his principles – our principles – in Washington.” - Dr. John Killian, Baptist pastor, Maytown

“I support Paul DeMarco because of the dedication he has shown to the people of Helena.” – Helena Mayor Mark Hall

“I support Paul DeMarco for his commitment to the people of northern Jefferson County.” – fire district board president Dwight Sloan, Mount Olive

“We support Paul DeMarco because he is honest and trying to make things better for the people.”  - Bill and Myrnie Driskill, Homewood. Bill is a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. Myrnie is retired from UAB.

“Paul DeMarco is a devoted public servant who gets things done.” – former Gardendale Mayor Bill Noble

“Paul has been a tremendous supporter of the grocery industry in our state,” said John D. Fox, Alabama Grocers Association Chairman. “He will continue to support our industry and the values of the people in the Sixth District in Washington.”

“Paul believes in conservative, limited government.” – north Jefferson County farmer John Morris

“Paul will fight to protect small businesses, the Alabama Coal industry and our Alabama  jobs.” – Bessemer small business owner Pam Segars-Morris

“The police chiefs of Jefferson County have worked closely with Rep. DeMarco concerning law enforcement and public safety issues. Paul shares our dedication to public safety.” – from the Jefferson County Police Chiefs Association endorsement of Paul DeMarco

2006 recipient of the “Alabama Land Trust Government Partner of the Year” – Alabama Land Trust (source)

“I have observed Paul’s conservative work ethic in the Alabama House of Representatives. He will fight to represent our rights and values in Congress.” - State Representative April Weaver

“Rep. DeMarco was also especially on point with regard to financial crimes against our retirees and senior citizens who are particularly targeted by scamsters and con artists.” – Alabama Securities Commission Director Joe Borg (source)

“Rep. DeMarco has been a leader and an advocate for manufacturing since being elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 2005.” –  George Clark, President, Manufacture Alabama (source)

“I served with Paul DeMarco in the legislature and know he has the conservative leadership to make a difference.” – State Representative Arthur Payne

“Paul will provide the conservative leadership in Congress that we can trust. Paul shares the same values of limited government and real solutions.” - State Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster (District 14)

“Paul DeMarco cares about rural communities.” – Cleveland Mayor Jerry Jones

“Paul DeMarco possesses valuable experience and the leadership needed in Congress… …I have known Paul for many years and he will be instrumental in the effort to get this country back on the right track.” – Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women PAC (source)

“He is one of our kind of folks. While Bibb represents only a fraction of the voters in this district Paul promised me he would visit regularly and be available at any time.” – Jim Oakley, former publisher of The Centreville Press (source)

“Solidly pro-gun candidate. A candidate who has supported NRA positions on key votes in elective office or a candidate with a demonstrated record of support on Second Amendment issues.” – National Rifle Association

“I have watched him in the Alabama Legislature. I have followed him and I know he has supported the laws of this state. I expect him to do the same in Washington, D.C.” – Shelby County Chief Asst. Prosecutor Jill Lee

“An outspoken leader in the fight to protect innocent human life in Alabama.” – National Right to Life Committee

One of the Birmingham area’s top 40 “best business execs on Twitter” for 2013 – Brent Godwin, Online Editor of The Birmingham Business Journal (source)

“Paul DeMarco will protect the rights and values of the people in Chilton County.” – retired teacher Renee Gentle Powers

“Paul DeMarco has represented the district in Montgomery with nothing but integrity and an eye towards taking care of the people. And I’m sure he will carry those same values to Washington D.C. to represent the people of this district.” –  Mayor Joe Hughes, Locust Fork.

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