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DeMarco Bio PicHomewood, AL. (October 27) – Republican state representative Paul DeMarco announces his candidacy for Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District.

“Since 2005, I’ve worked hard in the Alabama Legislature to represent the people with conservative, reform minded principles that are now needed in Congress,” Rep. DeMarco says. “I have supported common sense and practical ways to make local and state government work best for the people of Alabama.”

DeMarco currently serves as chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Alabama House of Representatives, Joint Oversight Committee for Alabama Homeland Security and CoChair of the Jefferson County House Delegation. DeMarco, who has a strong reputation as a fiscal conservative, has championed public safety legislation and successfully sponsored bills to strengthen Alabama’s ethics laws and promote government transparency.

“The Sixth District is a special place for Jacqueline and me. It is our home. I share the values of the many small businesses and hardworking families who also call this home. Those values and the dedication to strengthening the communities of the Sixth District are why I can make a difference in Congress,” DeMarco says. “For now, I will remain busy talking with the people of the Sixth District, sharing my vision and asking for your support. Together, let’s work hard to continue building a strong future for our state and our nation.”

DeMarco is a partner in the law firm of Parsons, Lee and Juliano, P.C. He represents businesses and individuals in Alabama. DeMarco graduated from Auburn University in 1990 and received his law degree from the University of Alabama in 1993. DeMarco, a lifelong Birmingham area resident, lives in Homewood with his wife, Jacqueline.

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