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“I will fight for your rights and values in Washington.”



DeMarco At ALGOPHOMEWOOD, AL (January 27) – State representative Paul DeMarco filed qualifying papers with the Alabama Republican Party today as a candidate for the Sixth Congressional District. Rep. DeMarco, a member of the Alabama House of Representatives since 2005, vowed to fight for the rights and values of Alabama citizens.

“My number one goal is to repeal Obamacare,” DeMarco said today. “The people of this state are fed up with an overreaching White House. I will take my experience to Washington to work to repeal Obamacare and stop out-of-control spending.”

DeMarco, accompanied by his wife, Dr. Jacqueline Dillon DeMarco, called on the people of the Sixth District to join him in a campaign to restore common sense values in Washington.

“I am the lowest paid member of the Alabama House because I refused to take a pay raise,” DeMarco said. “I built a reputation as a fiscal conservative, opposing tax increases and over-spending, even when it meant going against some members of my own party. I will not compromise those principles in Washington.”

This month, DeMarco will file a report detailing campaign contributions totaling more than $360,000 in the final nine weeks of 2013. Individuals from Alabama made up 97-percent of those contributions, demonstrating strong support from the people in the Sixth District.

The Republican primary takes place June 3rd.

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