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We’ve asked folks on the Support Paul DeMarco Facebook page to send us in photos of their DeMarco yard signs. A lot of folks have been sending them in and we though we’d display some of them in this photo gallery.

If you recognize folks in the pictures, feel free to go on our Facebook page to tag them.  Also, be sure to “like” the page while you are there.

Of course, if you’d like a yard sign or two, please let us know here.

Please email your campaign sign photos to [email protected].

  • We received a DeMarco Sign Truck spotting in Trussville! — in Trussville, AL.
  • Paul DeMarco signs spring up on Alford Avenue.
  • We now have yard signs!
  • And at Oak Mountain.
  • Show us your signs! Thank you Billy Flippo — in Gardendale, AL.
  • Thank you Rena Hudson, a dedicated public servant who served Warrior as mayor for many years. — in Warrior, AL.
  • We love it! One of our supporters sent this picture of a #DeMarcoForCongress sign at Billy's. — in Mountain Brook, AL.
  • Introducing the DeMarco yard sign golf cart - thanks to the great supporters we have — in Chilton County, Alabama.
  • Volunteer DeMarco! We appreciate the support and hard work of our volunteers.
  • Standing strong with DeMarco! Thank you Joyce Ballard in Morris.
  • This truck sign gets around.
  • Show your signs! Thank you, Patrick McCluskey in Homewood.
  • The Holley's say let's go @Paul_DeMarco! (actually, this one came from Twitter, not Facebook)
  • Let us know if you have a good location for a BIG Sign and we will deliver it on this truck.
  • Wayne and Lisa Johnsey of North Shelby County are proud to display their support of Paul DeMarco!
  • Show Your Spirit! Thank you to the Hood family for your DeMarco Sign Support in Crestline Village. Keep those pictures coming. — in Mountain Brook, AL.
  • DeMarco Proud! Thank you, Peggy and Charles Tumlin of Gardendale. — in Gardendale, AL.
  • We thank everyone for requesting yard signs.
  • The DeMarco sign truck is at Oak Mountain Presbyterian.
  • This truck sign gets around.

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