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You know my record. I stand for conservative common sense, accountability and limited government that serves all the people.

Today on the last day of the legislative session, my last day as a state representative, special interests and the establishment did it again. Without so much as a recorded vote, a House committee made up of Republicans and Democrats blocked my bill to make the Birmingham Water Works Board more accountable to you the rate payer.

This is what we’re fighting against: special interests, big money politics and the status quo.

Even some fellow Republicans chose to side with big money special interest and not the conservative good government we believe in.

This fight is not over. I want to end the grip of special interests and the status quo. I am fighting for you right now. And I will fight for you in Washington.

Join with me. Sign up today as a volunteer and help us take back our government.

Send them a message. With your time and energy, we’ll make sure a limited government works for us and not against us.






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