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AlabamaRetailEndorsementApril 11 – The Alabama Retail Association PAC endorses Rep. Paul DeMarco in the race for Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District. Rep. Demarco joins conservative leaders like Sen. Jeff Sessions and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks in receiving the endorsement of Alabama retailers.

In a recent release from Alabama Retail, president Rick Brown says “we are confident these candidates are the best choices.”

DeMarco is honored to receive the support of Alabama retailers.

“These are the big chain stores and the small, family-owned shops people in Alabama’s Sixth District go to for jobs and to shop,” DeMarco says. “These are the business owners who need relief from Washington’s overbearing regulations and tax system. From the business owner to the employee to the customer who shops with these retailers daily, we must offer relief through conservative, common sense Alabama values”

DeMarco is a two-term state representative seeking the Republican nomination for the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Spencer Bachus. The primary is scheduled for June 3rd.

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