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Entitled “Real Change”, here is Paul’s first radio advertisement. Transcript below.


Our next Congressman will have to stand up to liberals like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi – but that’s the easy part.
It is standing up to your own party that’s tough.
It’s one reason we need Republican Paul DeMarco.
Paul DeMarco has stood up to his own party. In the Alabama legislature, Paul was pressured to vote for higher taxes. But he refused.
Paul does not believe in raising taxes.
He stood up for his beliefs in Montgomery – he’ll do the same in Washington.

Paul DeMarco:

I’m Paul DeMarco – Do you want to change Congress?
Here’s how.
In the state legislature, I never voted for or took a pay raise.
I’ll support a bill that cuts off congressmen’s salaries unless they pass a budget.
Put a leash on the IRS; stop targeting conservatives.
A fairer, flatter tax code will help.
And never increase the debt without decreasing spending.
I’m Paul DeMarco; I approve this message because I’ll fight for what we believe, no matter what.

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