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The field is set and our congressional campaign is moving forward. We could not be happier with the strong support we have received from people across the Sixth District. Every day we talk with people who are fed up with the excuses coming out of Washington. I am fed up, too.

Join me and let’s send a message. We are going to Washington to get things done. I will take Alabama common sense to Washington to fight for your rights and values.

Early in a political campaign, the media pays special attention to one thing: fundraising. For them to take a candidate seriously, they need to see that he or she has both raised a lot of money and raised it from a lot of different individuals who live in the district. Your donation below is the best way, right now, for us to send this message.

Thanks to many of you, we received significantly more contributions from more individuals than any other person in this race. With a lot of new candidates entering the race at the last minute, it is vital for us to make it clear – across the district, across the state, and across the country – the people in our district support our message of common sense governance.

Join us and let’s send a message to Washington by donating what you can below.



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